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Event description
Leaders In Training is an IPSF event that allows pharmacy students to evolve personally as well as professionally. By participating in LIT, students will learn to face and deal with different challenges through their professional and academic life, work on their leadership skills and familiarize with the art of communication. This is why we made sure to involve all types of training in our 3-day event which is planned according to the program mentioned below :

DAY 1:
First of all we’ll be focusing on developing verbal, as well as physical communication skills which include mastering the art of speaking, listening, convincing, eye contact..
- Art of negociation .
- Public speaking .
- Body language .

DAY 2 : 
Next, students will undergo different trainings centering on project management skills in order to team up and create a complete project that meets the requirements established beforehand, these training are :

- Business plan .
- Project study .
- Market research training .
- Team management .

DAY 3 :
Lastly, all the skills acquired will be put into practice when presenting the work, all this while following a marketing plan that promotes the project and enhances its utilities.
- Digital marketing .
- Presentation of project .


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