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Soirée de Bienvenue

Adhérent: 13Dt
Non adhérent/ Sur place : 15Dt


Get ready to dive into the ultimate bash of the year, "Barbenheimer," happening on September 20th, 2023!
At "Barbenheimer," we're combining the elegance of Barbie world with the brilliance of Oppenheimer for a night you won't forget.
We're taking the party to the next level, beyond the stars and into the depths of your imagination by best sounds of the music of JAC BAND 🎺 Dj ghawar 〰️ and dj Tshak🎧.
So grab your friends, put on your thinking caps, and let's make "Barbenheimer" the party of a lifetime!
Save the date, because you won't want to miss your chance to shine, so don't be fashionably late
Join us at "Barbenheimer" and make memories that'll last forever in the heart of Monastir EMPREINTE at 9P.M

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